exterraCTI Pest Control utilises the Number 1 Termite baiting system in the world, The EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System to protect your home or business from the invasion of termites.

An Environmentally friendly solution, EXTERRA uses a termites’ natural instincts against them, eliminating the attacking termite AND their whole colony.

EXTERRA Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites. Once intercepted, REQUIEM™ Termite Bait is added to the large EXTERRA Station. The termites feed on the Requiem and the colony is eliminated easily and quickly, right at the point of termite attack.

Even after the colony is eliminated, EXTERRA Stations guard your home using the natural power of CO2, monitoring for future invasions without the ongoing need to reapply chemicals.

By using EXTERRA, you are establishing a long term, termite solution that’s easy on both you and the environment.

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