A flea is a very small, flat bodied insect that feeds on blood and are very difficult to catch due to their ability to jump.

There are a few different species of fleas in Australia, with the most common flea preferring to feed on the blood of cats and dogs and also on human blood.

Fleas generally become a problem when their preferred food source is not available.

Flea outbreaks can occur after a pet’s death or when people move into premises where a dog or cat previously lived.

This is because fleas in the early stages of development can stay in carpets or undisturbed edges of floors for up to 1 year.

Once the house is reoccupied, the fleas then develop into adults.

In Australia, fleas are not known to transmit any human diseases, although people who are allergic to flea bites can develop lesions, itching or other symptoms.

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