Also commonly known as white ants, Termites on average are found in 1 in 3 Australian properties.

Annually termites damage more than 180,000 Australian homes and buildings, with an estimated combined cost of over 1 Billion dollars.

The most common destructive Termite species uses tree stumps, living trees, spaces under buildings and even walls as nesting sites.

From the nest site, any wooden structure within a 50-metre radius can be attacked via underground tunnels.

Termites enter walls from foundations and concrete slabs and can destroy structural wall timbers between two levels of a property on their way to warmer roof timbers.

Termite damage can be hard to spot, with once termites having gained access to timber, they excavate it internally.

To maintain the high level of humidity and temperature necessary, termites leave a thin layer of timber around their activity, concealing their presence.

Damage may also be concealed by gyprock and may only be evident when walls are opened or there is a collapse or distortion of flooring or internal joinery, which affects the closing of doors and windows.

Bearers and joists may also be damaged beneath flooring.

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